Bridgeport, CT Train Wreck, Jul 1911 - Fourteen Dead


Fourteen Persons Died at Bridgeport, Nine at Westport.

The wreck of the Federal Express on the New Haven Road, on July 11, 1911, near Bridgeport, was one of the most disastrous on that line since 1853, when forty-four persons were killed. In the Bridgeport wreck fourteen died and forty-seven passengers were injured severely.

Excessive speed over a cross-switch was the cause given for the wreck. The engineer, Curtis, lost his life, so that a direct explanation of the speed at so dangerous a point could not be obtained, but the subsequent investigation of the wreck placed the speed at almost a mile a minute. An investigation of the accident made by H. W. Belnap, Inspector of Safety Appliances for the Inter-State Commerce Commission, absolved the railway and held the engineer responsible.

The New York Times, New York, NY 13 Jun 1913