Collinsville, CT Train Wreck, Aug 1900


Five Cars Hurled Down Embankments Near Cherry Brook on the C. N. E.

Winsted, Aug. 18.---The tracks of the Central New England Railway were blocked all Thursday night as the result of an accident which occurred west of the Cherry Brook station, near Collinsville, at 4:30 Thursday afternoon.

Local freight, No. 26, east bound, was running at a lively rate of speed when the flange on one of the wheels broke, derailing five cars, three of which went down an embankment into the highway.

The other two rolled down the opposite side into the Farmington River.

The track was torn up for a quarter of a mile---where the cars ran before stopping. Brakeman William Simmons was badly cut in the face and it was feared that he had also internal injuries. He was transferred to a train on the other side of the wreck and brought to Hartford. The Mountain Express, that leaves Hartford afternoons for the west, carried passengers to the wreck and transferred them to a train on the other side of the wreck and then returned to Hartford with the passengers from that train. The evening train due here at 3 o'clock also transferred at the scene of the wreck.

The Hartford wrecking crew had the tracks clear yesterday when trains again resumed running on schedule time.

New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 18 Aug 1900