Willimantic, CT Railroad Car Fire, Jan 1891


From the Hartford Courant, Jan. 2.

When the east-bound Washington express on the New-England Road, leaving this city at 2:45 A. M., was a few miles this side of Willimantic yesterday morning, fire was discovered in a Pullman sleeper. It spread rapidly, and the passengers were ordered out and placed in the other sleeper, which, fortunately, had room enough to accommodate them. It was impossible to extinguish the fire, and at Willimantic the car was cut out and the fire department called. Its services were, however, unnecessary, as the fire was got under control by other means before its arrival. An accident of this kind is very unusual, and though the fire evidently started from the heater, it does not yet appear just how it originated. The wood of the car in which it started was badly burned, and the loss will be considerable. The passengers were in great excitement for a little time, and probably did not have a monopoly of unpleasant agitation. They were all got out without accident and their effects were removed uninjured.

The New York Times, New York, NY 4 Jan 1891