New Milford, CT Train Wreck, Mar 1902


Train Breaks and Causes Rear End Collision----One Man Killed.

NEW MILFORD, Conn., March 20.---The midnight freight from New Haven to Pittsfield, which goes through here at 1 o'clock was badly wrecked by a rear end collision, caused by the train breaking in two parts a short distance below the station here.

Joshlin Hogan Camp, the head brakeman, whose home is at 685 Chapel street, New Haven, was killed. Two cars were badly smashed a number of others derailed and the engine was derailed but not seriously injured.

Just how the accident happened is not known. The engine and two first cars of the train became separated from the rear section which was quite long. Camp went ahead from the engine to a switch which he was going to set so that the engine and two cars could pass on it.

Before the switch was set the rear end come crashing into the forward part shoving the engine and cars ahead. The engine crushed Camp. His right arm was cut completely off, his head cut off and his body badly mangled.

There were no other injuries reported to any of the train crew. The body of Camp was removed to the undertaking shop here and the wrecker was summoned from New Haven.

The engine was put on the tracks and the wreck was cleared away so that the 8:10 passenger train came down on the main track this morning.

Camp's relatives in New Haven were notified and will send for the body. Conductor Thomas Shields was in charge of the train which was No. 1488. The train hands maintain that no one can be blamed for the accident.

Naugatuck Daily News, Naugatuck, CT 20 Mar 1902