Bridgeport, CT Train Wreck, Jul 1911 - List of Dead and Injured

Bridgeport, CT Train Wreck, photo from Bridgeport, CT Train Wreck, photo from


Fifty or More Injured, Some of Whom May Die.


Disaster Due to Engineer Trying to Cross Switch at Sixty Miles an Hour.

From The Inquirer Bureau.

NEW YORK, July 11.---As a result of the fatal carelessness of the engineer of the Federal Express in taking a "cross over" switch at sixty miles an hour, there are twelve dead in the Morgue in Bridgeport, Conn., and forty injured passengers in hospitals of the town.

Four of the dead, two men and two women, remain unidentified. The others are:

C. W. CHIRSTIE, 2021 Rittenhouse street, Philadelphia.

GEORGE E. SAUNDERS, Norwich, Conn.

Mrs. GWENDOLIN F. ROGERS, wife of Sergeant George F. Rogers, Coast Artillery, U. S. A.

MAY LOUISE ROGERS, her 7 months old daughter.

Mrs. HELENA B. WALCOTT, Washington, D. C., wife of Charles D. Wolcott.

________ HARTMAN, 7 years old, son of Mrs. Louis Hartman, Newfield, N. J., who is in a serious condition at the hospital.

A. M. CURTIS, New York, engineer of the train.

W. A. RYAN, New York, fireman.

The Injured.

The list of the injured, so far as compiled, is as follows:

Mrs. ADA GREY, 28, Camden street, Boston, minor injuries; sent home on the 7:20 train.

W. H. SAUNDERS, New London, burned about the hands.

Mrs. W. H. SAUNDERS, leg fractured.

Mrs. W. C. CLEPHANE, Chevy Chase, Md., bruised.

Unknown SLAVONIAN, let broken.

Unknown WOMAN, eye gouged out, face terribly bruised, leg fractured.

MICHAEL FUREY, conductor of train, New Rochelle, N. Y., fracture of skull, interanl injuries, will die.

DANIEL KISSNER, New York, brakeman, fracture of left leg, other injuries; will probably die.

Mrs. JAMES B. BOYLE, of the Maury Apartments, of Washington, fracture of left wrist, back injured, shock, condition serious.

SARAH CALABRIA, 931 South Penn street, Philadelphia, head badly cut, body bruised, shock, condition serious.

CHRISTIE CALABRIA and TONY, 931 South Penn street, Philadelphia, children 5 and 8 years; Christie bruised about head and body, internal injuries; Tony fractured arm, scalp wound, internal injuries, may die.

JOHN F. VON PFEIFFER, McDonald street, Readville, Mass., fracture of skull, condition critical.

MARY SWEENEY, Phillipsburg, N. J.; suffering from shock, serious.

LUCY NOTE, 223 Masschusetts avenue, Washington, internal injuries, condition critical.

Mrs. NELLIE PITESANE, and her daughter, BEATRICE, aged 15, and son JOHN, aged 11 months, of Chevy Chase, Md.

GEORGE ROGERS, Washington, fractured arm, severe bruises. His young son was killed and another son, FRANK, badly hurst[sic]. Mrs. ROGERS is thought to be one of the women dead.

Mrs. SARAH McCONNOR, Moreland avenue, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, injuries to body and back, not serious.

CHARLIE FRAZIER, Havre de Grace, Md., scalded and internal injuries, condition critical.

Miss EMILY WILSON, 2221 Sears street, Philadelphia, fractured left rib and leg, condition critical.

Miss BERTHA MONROE, Washington, D. C., right arm fractured, injuries to spine, condition critical.

Miss MARY McCOFF, 2316 Wharton street, right arm fractured, injuries to spine, condition critical.

Mrs. MARY WALKER, 1125 Eleventh street, Washington, shock, not serious.

Mrs. MARY JOHNSON, Tree Creek, S. D., shock and minor injuries; not serious.

EDWARD M. GREEN, Huntington, Pa., suffering from smoke, will recover.

HENRY A. WALLACE, Millbridge, Mass., minor injuries.

W. A. KING, Kansas City, suffering from shock.

ERNEST CALABRIA, aged 3 years, third child of Mrs. Calabria, bruised.

WILLIAM H. BETZ, Chadwick street, Philadelphia.

MARY E. HARRIS, Philadelphia, bruises.

ROBERT HENDERSON, 221 North Fifteenth street, Philadelphia.

JOSEPHINE WALCOTT, Philadelphia, bruised.

HENRY CRISMAN, Middletown, Pa.


Mrs. ISABELLE DORSEY, Washington.

Mrs. MARY Z. SOLSKY, Philadelphia.

Miss BESSIE BORHM, Woodstock, Va.

Miss CARRIE HOLMES, Philadelphia.

Miss JESSIE GRAY NICKENS, 1922 New Hampshire avenue, Washington.

Miss MILDRED EARNEST, Washington.

Miss HELEN GIBBS, Washington.

MARY E. HAYS, Philadelphia.

Miss ANGELINE GRIMKE, Washington.

Mrs. LOIS HARTMAN, Newfield, N. Y.

Miss LUCILLE MESSRVY, Washington.

Mrs. SARAH CLARK, Washington.

Miss MATTIE CORNISH, Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 12 Jul 1911