Wallingford, CT Holy Trinity Church Struck by Lightning, Jul 1911


Holy Trinity, at Wallingford, Destroyed While Mass Is In Progress.

Special to The New York Times.

WALLINGFORD, Conn., July 21.---Holy Trinity Catholic Church was struck by lightning this morning during the singing of the mass which was being celebrated by the Rev. Father Laden of Hartford. The bolt struck the spire just below the gold cross and burned downward, destroying the church edifice, which was one of the largest in the State.

Neither the Wallingford Fire Department not the Meriden Department, which made a record run of eleven minutes in reaching the spot, was able to check the flames that ate away the steeple 150 feet above the street level till the steeple and heavy cross crashed through the church roof.

The worshippers escaped several minutes before the roof fell, but three firemen were hurt by falling timbers.

The damage will reach $40,000. The church was built in 1876, and was destroyed by the tornado of 1879, which devastated the village.

The New York Times, New York, NY 22 Jul 1911