Danbury, CT Fire, Apr 1896


The Total Loss Inflicted Will Reach Fully $70,000.

Danbury, Conn., April 23. - The fire yesterday afternoon which destroyed Mackinzie & Sons' and Devenport & Von Gals' hat factories and George Taylor's tobacco store, near Taylor street, inflicted a total loss of fully $70,000. The fire started in the drying room of the Mackinzie factory. Engineer Charles B. Pickering smelled smoke, and on opening the door of the drying room the flames burst out and drove him back. There were but a dozen operatives in the place as the factory had been down to make repairs. The flames spread so quickly that they had barely time to make their escape. Fifteen minutes after the fire started the Mackinzie factory was in ruins and the flames had spread to Davenport & Von Gals; fifty feet distant. From there they leaped to the Taylor building. Lee & Hawley's factory just beyond and H. McLaughling's opposite were on fire several times and with the strong wind that was blowing it looked as though it would be impossible to save them. All buildings were large three-story frame structures. Mackinzie & Sons employed 150 hands and Davenport & Von Gals, 125. Both shops were fairly busy. Mackinzie & Sons' loss is $25,000; insurance, $20,000. Davenport & Von Gals' loss is $35,000; insurance, $20,000. George Taylor's loss is $8,000; insurance $4,000.

North Adams Transcript, North Adams, MA 23 Apr 1896