Thamesville, CT Bottling House Explosion, Nov 1896


A Bottling House at Thamesville, Conn., is Destroyed.

Norwich, Conn., Nov 27-- About 2:30 this morning residents of Thamesville, in the southern part of the city, were awakened from their slumbers by an explosion which sounded like a small earthquake. About five minutes later there was a second, but slighter, shock.

Soon a sheet of flame bursting from the roof of the Puritan Spring Company’s bottling house told where the trouble was.

Upon examination this forenoon it was found that the explosion was the work of burglars, who had opened the safe and taken the contents, about $200 in cash. It was also found that an entrance had been forced into the spring house, but there was nothing there which could be stolen.

The force of the explosion threw pieces of the apparatus into the river, a distance of 200 feet. The building, which was of wood and contained the bottling outfit and a large number of bottles and small articles, was totally destroyed with its contents. The loss will reach $15,000. There is no clue to the burglars.

The New York Times, NY 28 Nov 1896