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GenDisasters Needs Your Help

We have material - newspaper articles, excerpts, photos etc. on hundreds of fires, tornadoes, drownings, lightning strikes, mine explosions, train wrecks, etc., and need help transcribing it!

Join our "rescue team" and help us get this information on line.  Let us know what you'd like to transcribe - or if you'd like to transcribe articles in about a particular town or state - and we'll send you a temporary link to the image of the newspaper article.


Some of the articles we need help transcribing are listed below. Find more articles that need your help in each of the state sections.

ak sitka steamer rodgers disaster jun 1882
ar forest city tornado jun 1893
ar little maumelle train wreck feb 1902
ar little red heber tornado 1903
ar morrillton tornado apr 1903
ca comstock fire aug 1924
ca knights landing river farms barn fire aug 1924
ca los angeles earthquake jul 1920
ca mystic fire aug 1924
ca sacramento auto accident aug 1924
ca san francisco baldwin hotel fire nov 1898
ca san francisco columbia steamer disaster 1907
ca san francisco ship accident mar 1908
ca san francisco steamer pomona wreck mar 1908
ca san bernardino fire oct 1922
ca san diego sea plane crash aug 1937
co aspen fire aug 1895
co aspen mining smelter co fire 1890
co deadwood flood may 1883
co denver fire mar 1889
co denver fire mar 1894
co denver gasoline stove explosion apr 1893
co leadville fire jan 1890
co newcastle mine explosion
co pueblo train wreck oct 1904
co pueblo mine explosion may 1923
dc hotel accident jul 1872
dc knox warehouse fire
dc metropolitan club fire dec 1904
dc washington drowning aug 1924
dc washington laundry fire mar 1907
dc washington methodist church fire jan 1904
dc washington spaight family fire 1912
dc washington street car accident sept 1904
fl jacksonville lodona ship wreck 1871
ga athens flood aug 1908
ga atlanta electricity accident sept 1913
ga bridgeboro lightning strike sept 1913
ga chattahoochie train wreck nov 1911
ga elberton flood aug 1908
ga montezuma flood feb 1900
ga quitman vehicle accident feb 1900
ga rome auto accident mar 1913
ia camanche tornado jun 1860
ia clinton storm jun 1902
ia davis county lightning strike jun 1860
ia denison tornado jun 1895
ia eldon simms house fire jun 1903
ia elmo tornado may 1903
ia elpaso tornado jun 1902
ia marshalltown storm jun 1902
ia mount pleasant storm jun 1902
ia ottumwa storm jun 1902
ia sigourney storm jun 1902
ia sioux city latta house fire 1916
id oakley kidd house fire 1899
il alton fire oct 1901
il alton tornado jun 1860
il alton wooden ware works fire 1868
il assumption tornado 1917
il belleville fire oct 1901
il bensenville train accident nov 1919
il bloomington tornado jun 1902
il braidwood mine disaster Feb 1883
il burlington storm jun 1902
il cherry mine disaster
il chicago auto accident jul 1915
il chicago building explosion may 1895
il chicago building fire jan 1893
il chicago coal fire oct 1901
il chicago drowning aug 1924
il chicago fire feb 1899
il chicago fire jan 1908
il chicago schooner jennie lind disaster may 1883
il chicago sugar refinery explosion mar 1890
il chicago trolley gas truck fire 1950
il chicago wind storm 1892
il coultersville storm mar 1889
il decatur tornado jul 1915
il edinburg tornado apr 1880
il edwardsville auto accident feb 1929
il fulton county tornado may 1873
il geneva glucose factory explosion may 1893
il golconda tornado mar 1890
il homewood train wreck dec 1891
il homewood train wreck oct 1891
il kankakee river section tornado may 1917
il kent train wreck jan 1893
il lincoln tornado jun 1902
il little prairie tornado mar 1890
il mclean county tornado jun 1902
il morton storm jun 1902
il mt carmel tornado jun 1876
il mt pulaski tornado jun 1902
il new minden tornado jun 1907
il oak crest tornado jul 1915
il olney tornado mar 1890
il palatine asphyxiation nov 1919
il paxton train wreck jun 1872
il peoria storm jun 1902
il prophetstown tornado apr 1890
il redbud tornado nov 1892
il schiller park soo line hotel fire may 1923
il wapella tornado jun 1902
il york tornado june 1907
in anderson auto accidents may 1917
in bloomington and monroe co tornado may 1917
in evansville storm jun 1907
in evansville tornado mar 1890
in ft wayne train accident apr 1913
in indianapolis auto accident sept 1910
ks atchison storm jun 1882
ks cherokee train wreck sept 1895
ks cottonwood tornado apr 1876
ks emporia tornado sept 1895
ks fort scott flood apr 1904
ks germantown tornado apr 1911
ks goessel tornado jun 1906
ks hiawatha tornado apr 1911
ks keighley tornado jun 1894
ks lawrence tornado apr 1911
ks leavenworth tornado 1886
ks lebo tornado jun 1928
ks mcpherson tornado apr 1904
ks peabody tornado 1917
ks robinson tornado apr 1911
ks topeka flood jun 1903
ks wichita bus car accident apr 1930
ky louisville fire apr 1902
ky louisville ice gorge jan 1893
ma clinton waterworks aqueduct explosion 1896
ma east brookfield train wreck sept 1904
ma fitchburg child fire 1923
ma fitchburg elder house fire may 1908
ma fitchburg mechanic street fire feb 1904
ma north adams house fire oct 1898
ma plum island schooner allianca wreck feb 1896
ma plum island schooner florida wreck feb 1896
ma worcester flood mar 1896
ma worcester flood mar 1876
md baltimore balloon explosion jul 1919
md baltimore dock fire jun 1906
md baltimore fire feb 1904
md baltimore fire mar 1882
md berlin schooner little may wreck mar 1913
md canton united oil company fire 1891
md denton ford garage fire mar 1949
md frederick car wreck apr 1930
md frederick trolley wreck aug 1912
md gaithersburg storm sept 1913
md montevue trolley train wreck aug 1912
md williamsport bridge collapse dec 1908
md wolfsville school fire mar 1914
mi blissfield hathaways sawmill boiler explosion jan 1893
mi calumet christmas eve panic 1913
mi calumet mine fire sept 1895
mi corunna furniture plant fire oct 1901
mi detroit fire may 1848
mi detroit wolverine paper mill explosion may 1883
mi dundee tornado 1881
mi forest tornado may 1855
mi jackson race car wreck sept 1913
mn industriana sawmill boiler explosion nov 1858
mn north branch tornado jun 1906
mn owatonna tornado jul 1870
mn preston waterspout may 1902
ms hernando tornado nov 1900
ms natchez explosion
ms natchez tornado may 1840
ms skipwith flood mar 1890
ms vicksburg steamer explosion may 1896
mt butte explosion jan 1895
mt butte speculator mine explosion jun 1917
mt gravelly coolee flood 1938
mt havre flood 1938
mt jordan cohagen area flood 1938
nc coal glen mine disaster may 1925
nc fayetteville aug 1908 flood
nc hurricane sept 1913
nc lexington dixie furniture fire apr 1904
nc litaker crossing train accident aug 1902
nc mt airy forest fires apr 1904
nc norwood fire apr 1904
nc swannanoa train wreck aug 1902
ne beatrice motor car accident apr 1911
ne beatrice storm may 1899
ne curtis lake burst 1895
ne edison train repair crew wreck jun 1895
ne fort kearney tornado jun 1859
ne hastings storm may 1899
ne herman tornado jun 1899
ne kilgore train wreck aug 1908
ne lincoln flood jul 1908
ne neligh tornado jul 1920
ne omaha farnam street theater fire oct 1893
ne plattsmouth boy killed by electric wire jul 1918
ne richardson county tornado jun 1895
ne sacramento tornado jun 1902
ne waterloo flood mar 1912
ne wilsonville tornado may 1916
nj atlantic city boat sea monster accident mar 1907
nj atlantic city drowning accident jun 1895
nj camden earthquake aug 1884
nj camden tornado aug 1885
nj long branch rothschild house fire
nj morris plains insane hospital fire may 1902
nj morristown auto wreck aug 1924
nj morristown flood feb 1896
nj port richmond tornado aug 1885
nj red bank storm jan 1891
nj trenton fire apr 1890
nj trenton railroad shops fire feb 1908
nj trenton roebling fire nov 1915
nv sparks fireworks accident jul 1910
nv tonopah fire may 1908
nv verdi fire aug 1924
ny albany liquor store fire 1872
ny albany railroad shops fire apr 1904
ny albany train wreck jan 1889
ny avon electricity accident sept 1913
ny brooklyn gas works explosion jan 1889
ny brooklyn house fire oct 1923
ny brooklyn shadbolt mfg fire feb 1902
ny buffalo fire mar 5 1859
ny canaseraga fire apr 1895
ny canaseraga flood jun 1899
ny chenango co insane asylum poorhouse fire may 8 1890
ny chittenango auto accident aug 1912
ny coney island fire may 1895
ny cortland lion attack 1946
ny croton fire house fire feb 1904
ny elmira flood may 1946
ny elmira hardware store explosion jun 1890
ny elmira train wreck july 1891
ny ithaca train accident sept 1913
ny killbuck house fire sept 1932
ny long island auto accident aug 1903
ny long island fire apr 1856
ny long island train wreck feb 1907
ny new york apartment house fire dec 1905
ny new york apartment house fire may 1903
ny new york berlinger house fire feb 1902
ny new york building collapse jun 1897
ny new york building fire aug 1896
ny new york building fire jul 1868
ny new york building fire mar 1882
ny new york darlington hotel collapse feb 29 1904
ny new york equitable life bldg fire jan 1912
ny new york fall from window nov 1908
ny new york fire dec 1896
ny new york firetruck ladder accident aug 1895
ny new york ship crashes into pier feb 1907
ny new york stanley soap works fire apr 1904
ny new york steamer Griffel sinking 1901
ny new york sugar refinery explosion 1952
ny new york train wreck feb 1891
ny new york train wreck jul 1868
ny new york western union telegraph bldg fire jul 1890
ny new york pier fire feb 1902
ny new york tenement fire oct 1922
ny niagara falls storm jan 1889
ny norwich ice accident sept 1913
ny olean barn fire may 1895
ny penn yan explosion mar 1949
ny poughkeepsie train accident jun 1872
ny red creek train wreck mar 1890
ny rochester airplane crash jan 1930
ny rochester storm jan 1889
ny rochester train accident nov 1911
ny salmanca flood jun 1899
ny ship frozen in jan 1885
ny skaneateles trolley wreck sept 1913
ny state bridge summer home fire jun 1918
ny steamship adirondack wreck jan 1891
ny steamship ravenshoe fire jan 1891
ny subway fire jan 1915
ny syracuse house fire mar 1912
ny syracuse mowry hotel fire feb 1907
ny syracuse paraffin accident oct 1912
ny syracuse scaffold accident sept 1912
ny ulster county tornado sept 1858
ny utica genesee flats fire mar 1896
ny watertown britton block fire jun 1918
ny wellsville flood may 1946
ny white plains west chester temporary home fire feb 1895
oh akron goodyear explosion apr 1928
oh amsterdam mine explosion apr 1910
oh athens flood mar 1907
oh beria train wreck jan 1930
oh bridgeport flood and fire mar 1907
oh cincinnati flood 1883
oh cincinnati flood mar 1907
oh cincinnati steamboat line fire aug 1895
oh cincinnati storm may 1902
oh cincinnati street car accident jan 1912
oh cincinnati tornado aug 1896
oh cincinnati tornado jul 1915
oh cleveland fire mar 1882
oh cleveland flood - lifesaving crew drowns may 1893
oh cleveland flood feb 1896
oh conneaut dredge continental capsizing may 1893
oh culloms station train wreck jan 1904
oh edgewood train wreck oct 1893
oh elizabethtown train wreck jun 1872
oh fairpoint dynamite accident jan 1904
oh findlay independent torpedo co explosion may 1907
oh frazeysburg train wreck may 1893
oh glouster flood mar 1907
oh hamilton fire aug 1902
oh hamilton train wreck aug 1924
oh hume house fire may 1893
oh hume storm may 1893
oh la rue flood 1913
oh lakeview drowning jun 1915
oh lima house fire apr 1912
oh lima trailer fire feb 1948
oh mingo junction flood mar 1907
oh nelsonville flood mar 1907
oh newark boy killed on train tracks 1912
oh newark flood mar 1907
oh newark july 4th accident
oh newark storm jun 1893
oh newark storm jun 1915
oh niles trolley wreck sept 1902
oh petersons station train wreck may 1893
oh shelby us steel fire jan 1904
oh steubenville fire apr 1913
oh summerfield train wreck apr 1895
oh walhonding train wreck jun 1903
oh wylie station train wreck sept 1913
oh zanesville boy scout accident feb 1929
oh zanesville flood mar 1907
ok eddy tornado june 1901
ok oklahoma city flood may 1923
ok oklahoma city may 1922
ok pauls valley air accident 1919
or portland flood feb 1890
pa altoona train wreck feb 28 1947
pa chambersburg wilson college fire 1895
pa cheswick harwick mine explosion jan 1904
pa confluence fire feb 1913
pa connellsville electricity accident 1913
pa connellsville flood mar 1907
pa coudersport newspaper office explosion oct 1913
pa dickerson run train accident mar 1913
pa easton storm jan 1889
pa emporium aetna powder co explosion 1916
pa harrisburg storm jan 1889
pa honesdale flood may 1942
pa johnstown cambria steel explosion jan 1904
pa johnstown train wreck may 1893
pa kingston mine explosion dec 1875
pa knoxville tornado mar 1902
pa mahanoy city maple hill explosion feb 1904
pa new kensington valley camp mine explosion 1913
pa reading tornado jan 1889
pa renovo flood jun 2 1899
pa salisbury house fire mar 1899
pa scranton scranton coal co fire apr 1904
pa titusville flood may 1893
pa tower city mine explosion aug 1913
pa turtle creek flood 1894
pa west liberty house explosion feb 1904
pa westfield eberle tannery accident jul 1916
pa wilkes barre explosion feb 1890
pa wyoming mine fire may 1908
tn clarksville fire apr 1878
tn gallatin tornado mar 1890
tn jacksonville old hickory powder plant fire aug 1924
tn knoxville train wreck jul 1872
tn memphis area flood apr 1912
tn memphis golden city steamer fire mar 1882
tn nashville race car wreck sept 1913
tn nashville train wreck mar 1890
tx bellevue train wreck oct 1911
tx mcclean tornado may 1923
tx port arthur car crash may 1923
tx san antonio storm may 1902
tx spanish camp tornado jun 1893
tx walters park storm may 1902
va frederick county storm mar 1907
va norfolk battleship minnesota wreck 1907
va norfolk cruiser salem wreck jan 1912
va norfolk schooner george w wells wreck sept 1913
va norfolk steamer berkshire fire oct 1912
va norfolk train wreck aug 1902
wa burnett mine explosion dec 1904
wi alma train wreck may 1902
wi almond storm jul 1880
wi amherst new hope storm jul 1880
wi ashland fire aug 1900 more
wi barron tornado jun 1899
wi black river falls tornado aug 1924
wi bloomer tornado aug 1924
wi brunswick tornado 1907
wi campbellsport auto wreck aug 1924
wi eau claire house fire mar 1890
wi fairchild train wreck aug 1924
wi ferryville tornado june 1915
wi fond du lac train accident may 1912
wi grand rapids storm jul 1880
wi kenosha storm jul 1912
wi milwaukee airplane crash apr 1930
wi milwaukee grand ave fire 1895
wi milwaukee mar 1895 fire
wi new london milk truck accident oct 1928
wi oshkosh drowning may 1879
wi oshgosh barn fire jul 1885
wi oshkosh fire may 1879
wi oshkosh fires jan 1879
wi oshkosh pratts mill fire may 1879
wi oshkosh schmit bros trunk fire apr 1896
wi plover storm jul 1880
wi plover train wreck sept 1910
wi port washington fire feb 1889
wi portage co hail storm 1880
wi stevens point falling accident jun 1908
wi stevens point house fire may 1907
wi stevens point paper mill fire 1906
wi stevens point railroad accident may 1908
wi stevens point train accident aug 1906
wi stevens point wood shed fire dec 1913
wi stoughton warehouse fire jul 1885
wi superior ore train wreck aug 1913
wi taycheedah schaeffer cottage fire jul 1912
wi trempealeau county tornado 21 may 1936
wi whitehall railroad accident 1880
wi winona tornado 1907
wy evanston almy mine explosion mar 1881
wy almy mine explosion jan 1886
wy cody forest fire aug 1937
wy cold springs fire aug 1924
wy diamondville mine explosion dec 1905
wy diamondville mine fire feb 1901