Edgemont, DE Forest Fire, Nov 1915


Mountain Residences Threatened by Large Forest Fires Sweeping over the Timberland New Hope for Rain to Help.

A lighted cigarette thrown from a railroad car is said to have been the cause of a forest fire which broke out in South Mountain, Frederick county, and which is now threatening the homes of a dozen or more Frederick county persons.

Others claim that the fire originated from the conflagration which is now and has been raging in Washington county for the past four days. The Washington county forest fire spread into Frederick county mountains at a point south of Edgemont.

Among the homes which are endangered by the fire in the latter county are:

Edward Green, Calvin Schroyer, William Brandenburg, Meade Smith, Fred Duesing, Daniel Poffinberger, and John Rowe.

In addition to these there are many cabins, located on the side of South Mountains which are in danger and which will certainly fall victims to the flames unless some successful effore[sic] is made to head off the approaching fire.

Approximately 100 persons have turned out in a volunteer fire brigade to extinguish the flames. Tuesday the fire fighting forces dwindled because of the election. At 6 o'clock however the men returned to the mountains and resumed their battle.

All of Middletown Valley and the section west is shrouded under a cloud of smoke.

It is the first time in many years that so serious a fire has visited that section. Approximately 500 acres of land has been burned or partly covered by this fire. In Washington county it is claimed that more than 3,000 acres has been burned over. That section is said to be the best timber land of Washington county.

It is now hoped that rains will help out the forest fighters.

Adams County News, Gettysburg, PA 6 Nov 1915


Edgemont, DE Forest Fire, Nov 1915

This event did not occur in Delaware- perhaps Pennsylvania?