Dover, DE Drowned While Skating, Feb 1902

Young Skater Drowned.

Special to The Inquirer.

DOVER, Del., Feb. 12.---Boyd Prettyman, the little son of C. B. Prettyman, proprietor of the Dover shirt factory, while skating on Silver Lake ventured too near the danger line, where ice gatherers had been at work, and broke through the ice. He was drowned in sight of several of his companions, who were unable to go to his rescue because the ice was too thin. A grappling iron was obtained and the boy's body was secured after it had been in the water about an hour.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 13 Feb 1902


Annual Meeting of United Workmen Interrupted by Message Announcing Drowning of a Young Skater

There was a sad scene at the meeting of the Grand Lodge of the Ancient Order of United Workmen to-day. C. B. Prettyman, one of the most prominent members of the order in the State, received a message from his home in Dover announcing that his 10 year old son, Boyd H. Prettyman, had been drowned while skating. The boy was an only child. When the news was received the business of the lodge was suspended and men crowded about Prettyman to offer him sympathy. Strong men cried and shook his hand. He left for home at once, accompanied by J. E. Carroll, also of Dover.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 13 Feb 1902