Point Breeze, DE Fire Jun 1873

A fire at Point Breeze, near League Island, below Philadelphia, yesterday morning, destroyed Turner's stables at the Point Breeze Trotting Park. There were eleven horses burned, out of seventeen in the stables. The trotting horses burned were--Dot, Daisy, Vernon, Lady Girard, Safe, and Brutus. The latter belonged to R. Pemstan. The other horses burned were not trotters. The following animals were saved: Nettie, Mattie, Lisle, Canby, Lizzie, and Medium. The total loss on stock, harness and clothing is $50,000. The horses burned were valued at $46,000. Lady Girard was valued at $8,000, Safe at $7,500, Dot at $7,000, Sister to Nellie, Daisy, Vernon, and Brutus at $5,000, the Patchen mare at $2,000, the bay gelding at $1,500, the sorrel horse at $3,500, and the brown colt at $1,000.
The New York Times, New York, NY 24 Jun 1873