Washington, DC Knickerbocker Theatre Roof Collapse - Dead Near 110



With Unknown Number of Living Still Entombed Under Debris, Police, Firemen and Soldiers Struggle Frantically to Reach Them – Whole City Given Over to Saving Those Still Under Ruins and Caring for Close to 200 Injured.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 29. – Tonight the capital, stunned by disaster, watched fearfully the ever-growing list of dead and dying. From the entangled struts, supports and beams of the Knickerbocker motion picture theatre.

The total number of know dead in the Knickerbocker theatre disaster was close to 110 at midnight.

This includes 84 whose bodies were recovered from the ruins and taken to the improvised morgue in the basement of the Christian Science church and 24 others who died at local hospitals.

Search for Diplomats.
Search is being made for three persons prominent in the Diplomatic corps who are believed to be among the unidentified dead or still in the ruins of the Knickerbocker theatre.

They are Madame Virginia Kuraud, sister of Dr. Julio Bianchi, Guatemalan minister to the United States.
L. M. Price, Attache of the Venezuelan legislation.
Tomasso Asserto, of the Belgian Embassy.

Believe All Bodies Out.
Officers in charge of the search for bodies in the ruins of the Knickerbocker theatre announced at 11:45 p. m. that they were convinced that all bodies had been removed.

The body of Dr. SHEA was the last take out at about 9 o’clock tonight. No living person was found in the ruins are 1 o’clock this afternoon when a man whose body was badly broken was rescued. He died a few hours later at a hospital.

Consternation resulted at the day progressed because of the circulation of false rumors to the effect that cries and moans were heard coming from the ruins. One rumor was to the effect that five persons had been trapped in a room which had been blocked off and made inaccessible to the rescuers.

In every instance the rumors were investigated by army officers and found to be false. The condition of the ruins was such, the officers declared, late this afternoon, that no person could live under them.

Still Entombed Under Debris.
Agonized cries, echoing faintly from the pile of fallen masonry and twisted superstructure of the building indicated that several persons are entombed by the debris. Officials estimate that eight are thus imprisoned. Frantic efforts were ing [sic] made to save the unfortunates.

In two instances, the sufferers were located beneath a mass of material. Unable to release them from their torment, rescue workers passed tubes to the victims through apertures made with picks and acetylene torches. Through these tubes warm milk and stimulants are being administered.

The number of severely injured is estimated at more than a hundred. An equal number are believed to have been hurt in minor ways. It is a city of clanging ambulances, hurrying surgeons and nurses, grim-faced citizens and pitiful incidents attendant on the most appalling theatre tragedy since the Iroquois fire.