Washington, DC Knickerbocker Theatre Roof Collapse - Some Survivors

Two Girls Found Asleep Beneath the Debris.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 19 – (Associated Press) Sleeping peacefully beneath the debris in the wrecked Knickerbocker theatre, two little girls, aged about four and six were found early today by rescuers, ten hours after the playhouse roof had fallen in. Apparently neither of the children was badly hurt. They were taken to a hospital without identification.

Four hours earlier a five year old girl was found unhurt, seated between the bodies of two women. Her life evidently had been saved by her falling between the seats and the protection given her by the bodies of the two women who were killed beside her.

The last person to be taken from the ruins was Dr. Scott Montgomery of Washington, who was rescued 12 hours after the roof collapsed. He was pinned by his legs underneath a beam which killed the young woman whom he had escorted to the theatre.

The Bridgeport Telegram, Bridgeport, CT 30 Jan 1922


Edward Shaughnessy, of Chicago, second assistant postmaster general, who was one of the most critically injured in the Knickerbocker collapse, was reported steadily improving tonight. His wife and two daughter also were injured.

The Bridgeport Telegram, Bridgeport, CT 31 Jan 1922