Washington, DC Earthquake, Oct 1907


Weather Bureau Officials Expect News That Somewhere in the World Unusually Severe Disturbance Has Occurred.

WASHINGTON, Oct. 16.---The most violent earthquakes record ever made on the seismograph at the weather bureau started at 9:14 o'clock this morning. The vibrations of the needle were even greater that those caused by the San Francisco earthquake. Weather bureau officials are momennturily[sic] expecting news that somewhere in the world an unusually severe disturbance has occurred.

The following statement was given out at noon by Chief Willis L. Moore, of the Weather Bureau: "Just after the sheets of the seismograph were changed this morning a great earthquake was recorded. The motion of the needle was so great as to carry the recording lever far beyond the margin of the sheet. The disturbance, was evidently of considerable violence. The strong part of the motion began at 9:49 o'clock a. m., and subsided at about 9:25. Full details of the record cannot be made out, as the instruments have ceased recording."

Wilkes-Barre Times, Wilkes-Barre, PA 16 Oct 1907