Washington, DC House Fire, Feb 1890


Washington, D.C., Feb 3. -- A horrible disaster occurred at Washington yesterday, involving the death of three members of Secretary TRACY'S family -- his wife, a daughter, and a servant.
About 7 o'clock in the morning the residence of the Secretary of the Navy was discovered to be on fire by persons passing on the street. An alarm was given and promptly responded to; but on the arrival of the firemen the house was found to be completely on fire inside. Attention was at once turned to the rescue of the family.
When MRS. TRACY was found, she was helpless and unconscious from suffocation by smoke. After her removal she recovered consciousness, but died in about an hour. The Secretary himself was also helpless when found, and it was only by an hour's vigorous work by the physicians that natural respiration was re-established. The body of his daughter MARY was found burned to a crisp, as was that of a French nurse, JOSEPHINE MORELL. A married daughter and a grand-daughter of the Secretary saved their lives by jumping from a second-story window. The fire was believed to have accidentally started from the furnace in the basement.

Wellsboro Agitator Pennsylvania 1890-02-04