Washington, DC Fords Theater Collapse, Jun 1893

List of the Injured:
MRS. A.P. WHITTING, of District of Columbia; scalp wounds and injury to back, precarious condition.
P. S. LOWERY, of Ohio; head cut and body bruised, not serious.
M. E. BOSE, of Maryland; ankle bruised.
WELLINGTON KRUGLER, District of Columbia; injured internally.
A. N. GIRAULT, New Jersey; right arm broken and badly and badly bruised.
H. V. EASTERLING, Kansas; arm broken and head bruised.
H. M. SHANNON, Illinois; badly hurt.
CHAS. MOORE, New York; two ribs broken and numerous scalp wounds.
MRS. KENNEDY, District of Columbia; slightly hurt.
P. K. PENNINGTON, Alabama; injured about head.
J. W. AMES, Alabama; bruised.
J. A. McCORMICK, Illinois; severely injured.
J. G. ALFORD, Maryland; severely bruised.
J. A. SMITH, Pennsylvania; bruised.
S. R. SMITH, Ohio; internal injuries.
C. E. McLAUGHLIN, Georgia; bruised.
C. F. HATHAWAY, Ohio; badly cut and delirious.
I. N. HAMMER, Ohio; hurt internally.
C. A. KRAUSE, Texas; hurt about the head.
E. S. THOMPSON, Texas; seriously injured.
C. S. McLAUGHLIN, Pennsylvania; cut around the head.
WINFRED BECK, Illinois; cut badly.
E. L. LEDGE, Mississippi; fatally hurt.
J. L. TAYLOR, Maryland, hurt badly in arm and leg.
S. S. BAKER, Nebraska; injured in head, arm and leg.
THOMAS JONES, Texas; badly cut.
J. A. STEWART, Pennsylvania; cut about head.
Maj. B. DRISCOL, New York; cut badly and leg injured.
R. H. GILLIAN, Virginia; cut in head.
W. S. GUSTLIN, Ohio, leg broken and internal injuries.
CHARLES A. HARPER, Wisconsin; severely injured in legs, arms, head and body.
C. D. SHADBOLT, Mississippi; probably fatally injured.
NEWTON HARMER, Texas; lost his eye and severely injured.
A. C. BLACK, Indiana; dislocated jaw and arm broken.
GEORGE W. ROBY, Maryland; leg broken.
C. GALLAGHER, Pennsylvania; cut.
ROBERT LINDON, Pennsylvania; hurt about the head.
W. R. KING, Mississippi; badly cut about head.
C. S. EASTERLY, Kansas; arm broken.
R. M. PATRICK, New York; cuts in head.
W. W. LECARE, District of Columbia; cut about the head.
S. J. DEWEY, New York; cut and bruised.
J. A. WHITE, Georgia; badly cut about the head.
R. A. SMITH, Connecticut; badly bruised.
Capt. J. B. DOWD, Indiana; hand crushed and severely hurt.
GEORGE DAVIS, Missouri; who was on the third floor, has a severe scalp wound and fracture of the right leg. He was taken to his home.
F. B. SMITH, Tennessee; severe scalp injuries.
ROBERT J. WALKER, Massachusetts; hurt internally.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1893-06-16