Washington, DC Ford's Theatre Collapse, Jun 1893


Eighty Persons Killed by a Falling Building.

Ford's Theatre in Washington Collapsed Carrying Over 400 People into the Wreck-The Place Condemned Nearly 30 Years Ago-It was Used as Record Division of the War Deprrtment (sic).

WASHINGTON, June 9. (Special).- The old Ford's theatre where Lincoln was assassinated, this morning, at 9.30, fell with a crash that startled the entire city.

The building has of late years been used as Record Division of the War Department and over 400 men were engaged at work when the accident happened.

Half an hour later 28 bodies had been taken from the ruins, besides a great many injured who had been removed to Emergency Hospital which is now crowded.

The peculiar situation of the place makes it impossible that many of the whole number escaped without more or less injury, and bodies are being taken out as fast as willing hands can clear the wreck sufficiently to find them.

This building has been condemned since 1865, but congress has been unwilling to make any appropriation for its repair.

The crash this morning was brought about by taking out the under pinnings preparatory to putting in electric lights.

The Evening Democrat, Warren, PA 9 Jun 1893