Washington, DC Pension Records Office Fire, Jan 1911


Payments Will Not Be Affected by Fire Which Caused $6,000 Loss.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 13.---Thousands of records and documents in pension cases were burned early this morning in the agency office of the Pension Bureau Building.

The fire was in progress some time before discovery. It originated in a large pile of envelopes in the room where the pensions are mailed. Roughly estimated the loss is about $6,000 to building and contents.

The mishap will not affect pension payments in the district controlled by this agency, comprising West Virginia, Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, and Delaware.

A number of bound records of events from the Revolutionary War were wholly destroyed, but duplicates are on file in the Pension Office. The records from 1906 were not destroyed, being in steel filing cases.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Jan 1911