Jacksonville, FL Fire, May 1901

Jacksonville, FL Fire, May 1901 Jacksonville, FL Fire, May 1901


Jacksonville, Fla. May 3- At 12:45 o'clock today Jacksonville experienced the most disastrous fire of her existence. The entire length of Beaver street from Davis street to the creek of Liberty street, has been totally destroyed. This is fourteen solid locks of residences. For the same distance Ashley and Church streets have both been completely blotted out.

When the fire reached Bridge street in its eastward course it enveloped in flames three blocks Duval, Monroe and the north side of Adams, burning up that entire section of the city and running fourteen blocks to the Duval street bridge.

A desperate effort was made to save the BALDWIN mansion, which was recently purchased by the Elks for $18,000. No earthly power could save this building, and that entire block and the one west were quickly a mass of flames. Once the fire got started on Main street, the closely adjoining buildings went one after the other paint shops with barrels of oil were plentiful in this district, and, as they caught on fire one after the other, the blaze arose hundreds of feet high and quickly set the other buildings across the street on fire.

Then the HUBBARD Hardware store caught, and the people scattered when they saw what had happened. Hundreds of pounds of powder and a great deal of dynamite was stored in this building. In ten minutes there was a roar, and the building collapsed like an egg shell. The dynamite and the powder had exploded. Here again there was much danger for the firemen. Cartridges began to explode and bullets began to fly around, and the effort to fight the flames at this point had for a time to be abandoned. This was only the start of the most intense part of the fire.

The new FURCHGOTT building was soon ablaze and then quickly the GARDNER building was also a mass of flames. Down the street the fire spread with rapidity and the entire section of Bay street from Market to Main streets, and extending for five blocks back, was burning all at once. The city building went, the fire department building, the armory, the county courthouse, the clerk's office with the county records, the criminal courthouse, the city jail and the graded schools, and the Catholic church and orphanage, St. John's Episcopal church and the convent. The entire city of magnificent buildings was all burned up in less than four hours. The scene was one that beggers description.

At 8:30 o'clock the fire was checked at the intersection of Laura and Bay streets, where the Commercial bank is located, which went up in flames, the Western Union being just across the street and not damaged.

Among the prominent hotels burned were the St,. James, the United States the Placide and the Windsor.

It is impossible at this hour to ascertain the losses, but it is estimated by insurance agents that it will be between eight and nine million dollars.

Six lives are reported lost in the conflagration. The mayor has called a meeting of the city council for tomorrow to consider ways and means of relieving the suffering.

12 Midnight. - The plans of the city as prepared by the city surveyors show that 130 blocks were burned and a part of another block. the estimate of residences to the block in the residential district is ten and in the business section the blocks were solid.

The chief of police ordered all saloons closed until further notified.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 4 May 1901