Cape Canaveral, FL Missile Explosion, June 1960


Cape Canaveral, Fla. (AP) -- The Air Force today sought the cause of a small explosion on a Titan missile that caused Cape Canaveral's first missile accident fatality in 10 years.
JOSEPH G. SIBOLE, 24, a technician, was killed Tuesday when a tiny explosive charge blew up and ignited a flare package attached to the side of the intercontinental range rocket. Nine other men received minor injuries.
SIBOLE and the others were conducting a systems' check on the Titan on a service tower platform about half-way up the 98-foot length of the rocket. SIBOLE was standing near the flare package when it erupted.
The explosive charge, called a squib, is used to blow the door off a compartment which houses the package of flares after the missile is air-borne about a minute.
Damage to the Titan was confined to a small area around the compartment.

The Salisbury Times Maryland 1960-06-15