Florida City, FL Tornado, Dec 1973


Florida City, Fla. (UPI) -- Seventeen mobile homes including two blown into a nearby lake, were destroyed and 14 persons were injured Thursday when a tornado ripped across a south Dade County trailer park.
Only one person, ODESSA WESTERGARD, 61, remained hospitalized in serious condition Thursday night with back injuries. Four other persons also were admitted to James Archer Smith Hospital and five more were treated and released.
The tornado touched down on two other points in the county's southern area, overturning several boats and damaging some vegetation. But no injuries were reported aside from the trailer park residents.
Dade County police said two trailers were blown into the nearby lake where witnesses said the twister developed. Thirty other mobile homes were damaged.
Emergency shelter was provided for the homeless by various county agencies, including the Red Cross and the Community Action Agency.

Naples News Florida 1973-12-21