Panama City, FL Tornado, Oct 1967


Gulfport, Miss. (UPI) -- Another tornado spun out of the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday and slammed ashore at Panama City, Fla., about 120 miles east of this battered restort.
The twister, which hit during the predawn hours, knocked out power and caused heavy damage to a grocery and a gift shop. No one was injured.
Still another tornado hit Pensacola, about 50 miles west of Panama City, late Monday, injuring 42 persons and causing damage in excress of a half million dollars.
Gulfport and suburban Mississippi City were raked earlier Monday by a series of violent wind funnels that ripped apart homes and businesses, killed three persons and injured 200 others.
The twisters apparently were spawned by a cold front which moved into the warm Gulf and pushed eastward.

Aiken Standard And Review South Carolina 1967-11-01