Sebring, FL (near) Head On Collision, Dec 1957


Sebring, Fla. (AP) - Six persons perished and three were injured last night in a head-on collision of two automobiles on U.S. 27, about 25 miles south of Sebring.
Highlands County Sheriff Broward Coker called the crash "the worst I've ever investigated."
The dead were listed as:
JAMES A. CARR, JR., 24, Tampa;
and his wife.
Two infants about nine and 18 months old, found clasped in MRS. CARR'S arms. Neither was at once identified.
L. WAYNE PIKE, 21, of South Miami, a banker;
MARION G. THREKHELD, 25, of Miami, a department of agriculture employee.
Three children found in the auto in which the CARRS' were riding were hospitalized.
Investigators said it appeared THREKHELD was riding alone in his car southbound when the crash occurred.

Santa Cruz Sentinel California 1957-12-08