South Bay, FL Two Car Collision, Jan 1960


By Associated Press.
South Bay, Fla., Jan. 2 - A station wagon carrying passengers planning a pleasant day inspecting Florida home sites veered out of control Saturday and smashed into an oncoming car. Nine persons were killed.
The crash, 60 miles northwest of Miami, was the nation's gravest single New Year's holiday accident.
The accident occurred on a stretch of busy U.S. 27 which runs as straight as a string through the Florida Everglades just south of Lake Okeechobee.
The wagon, traveling at about 70 miles an hour, had just passed another car and returned to its northbound lane when it went out of control.
The driver of the approaching car tried desperately to avoid the collision.
His car was two feet off the pavement when it was struck head-on.
The dead:
In the station wagon - SILAS LAKIN, 53, Miami Beach, the driver; MR. and MRS. MARVIN TADLOCK, St. Joseph, Mo.; ROBERT ARTHUR KAY, North Miami; and ALMA FENSKE, Brainert, Minn.
In the car - THEODORE GOODWIN, Wellsboro, Pa., the driver, and his wife, CATHERINE; and MR. and MRS. LEWIS SCHMIDT, Geneva, N.Y. SCHMIDT was 53.

The Salt Lake Tribune Utah 1960-01-03