Cape Canaveral, FL Ocean Liner MOMUS Fire, Jul 1910


Wireless Brings Sister Ship Comes to Her Aid Off the Florida Coast.


Men and Women Taken Off by the Comes with Perfect Order---Momus Proceeds on Voyage.

Special to The New York Times.

CHARLESTON, SO. CO., July 23.---The steamship Momus of the Southern Pacific line, according to messages intercepted by the wireless station of the navy yard here, was discovered to be afire yesterday afternoon off Cape Canaveral, on the east coast of Florida.

The steamship Comes of the same line was summoned by wireless, and hurrying to the rescue, stood by. The Captain of the Momus, as soon as the fire was found, turned out of his course and steamed at full speed for the shore and anchored in twelve fathoms of water.

The fire was noticed first in the after hold yesterday about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and the coast was reached by midnight. The passengers behaved splendidly. There was no panic, and they accepted the assurances of the officers that there was no immediate danger.

Fortunately the sea was calm and the weather still, and as soon as the Comus arrived the passengers were transferred to her in open boats with perfect order. The fire proved stubborn and was hard to extinguished. However, it has not been gaining headway, and the Momus reported: "Everything is working well."

A late message from the Momus stated that the Propus of the same line would also go to her assistance, and that she had been ordered to keep under way and fight the fire as she headed for New Orleans.