Cape Canaveral, FL Ocean Liner MOMUS Fire, Jul 1910

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Moss, San Antonio, Texas;
Mrs. H. E. Newhaus and E. E. Prevost, New York;
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Rea, Bay St. Louis,
Miss R. E. Rea and Miss Kate Rea, Wesson,
Miss E. Rose, Penn Yan, N. Y.;
Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Runnion, Long Beach, Cal.;
J. T. Ryan, New York;
A. Siegal, Opeiousas, La.;
F. L. Shapiro, New York;
Mrs. L. F. Shorey, Boston, Mass.;
Miss S. Sishbein, New York;
T. Smith, New Orleans;
Miss M. Spence and Miss L. Spence, Dallas, Texas;
L. H. Squier, Philadelphia;
F. Thompson, Jackson, Miss.;
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Vernol, Philadelphia;
H. Wazhowski, H. J. Werbe, and J. S. Withingon, New Orleans;
Mr. and Mrs. G. Witte, New York;
W. H. Wynne, New Orleans,
and H. L. Whitaker, Dallas, Texas.

Second Cabin---Mr. and Mrs. K. Jerome, New York;
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Sheridan, Malden, Mass.;
and Miss S. Washowitz, New York.

The Momus was put in the service of the line in 1906. She was built by William Cramp & Sons of Philadelphia. She was me of the three boats---the Momus, Creole, and Antilles---built at a cost of $1,250,000 each. She is of steel and designed not only for a modern and well-appointed passenger vessel but as a cargo vessel.

The three vessels are of the same general dimensions, and the models and internal arrangements of all are identical: length, 440 feet; beam, 53 feet; depth, 37 feet; load draught, 26 feet; dead weight capacity, 4,500 gross tons; displacement, [ineligible]0,600 gross tons.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Jul 1910