St. Pierre, Martinique Volcano Eruption, May 1902

St. Pierre, Martinique, Entirely Wiped Out:
It Is Said that All the Inhabitants of the Town Have Been Killed
The News Taken to St. Lucia by a British Steamer, Seventeen of Whose Men Were Killed Quebec Steamship Company's Vessel 'Roraima' Lost With All on Board

LONDON, May 9 — The correspondent of The Times at St. Thomas, Danish West Indies, states that the town of St. Pierre, in the French Island of Martinique,
has been totally destroyed by a volcano. All the inhabitants of the town, says the correspondent, have lost their lives, and all the shipping in the harbor has been destroyed.

By The Associated Press
ST. THOMAS. Danish West Indies, May 8—7 P. M.—The British steamer "Roddam," Capt. Freeman, which left St. Lucia yesterday for Martinique, returned to St.
Lucia at 5 o'clock this afternoon. The "Roddam" brings the report that the town of St. Pierre, Martinique, has been totally destroyed, as a result of the volcanic disturbances on the island.
Almost all the inhabitants of St. Pierre are said to have been killed. The "Roddam" reports that all the
shipping in the port has also been destroyed. The Quebec Steamship Company's steamer "Roraima" is mentioned as lost, with all on board.
The "Roddam" was almost completely wrecked. Her Captain was seriously burned and seventeen of her crew are dead. It was announced from St. Thomas last Saturday, May 3, that St. Pierre had been covered with ashes to the depth of a quarter of an inch as a result of t h e outbreak of the Mont Pelee volcano and that the town appeared to be enveloped in fog.
A second dispatch from St. Thomas, dated May 6, said the flow of lava from the Mont Pelee volcano had completely destroyed the Guerin factories, situated about two miles from St. Pierre. It was also reported that about 150 persons had disappeared and that
a great panic prevailed at St. Pierre.
Another dispatch from St. Thomas, dated May 7, said advices received that morning from the Island of St. Vincent, B. W. L., announced that for some days earthquakes had been experienced in the neighborhood
of the Soufriere crater, which had been smoking and rumbling. The people in the vicinity of the volcano were leaving for places of safety. This dispatch said
further that cable communication with Martinique was interrupted on the morning of May 7 and that cable communication southward from St. Lucia, in the
Windward Islands, ceased suddenly the same afternoon.