Atlanta, GA Box Factory & Stable Fire, Aug 1908


Dangerous Fire Destroys a Box Factory and Meyers' Stables.

Oprheum Theatre Was Threatened.

ATLANTA, Ga., July 14, 12:45 a.m.---Heavy rain prevented another serious conflagation here tonight just before 12 o'clock. The fire occurred on Marietta street just below where the last big fire swept away two or three buildings together with several hundred horses.........

The fire tonight broke out in the Atlanta Box Factory, just a few doors below the Oprheum Theatre, just above where the last fire occurred.

In addition to the box factory, the Meyers stables, with perhaps several horses, were destroyed. The loss in all is approximately $25,000.

ATLANTA, Ga., July 13.---Fire which broke out at 11:20 tonight in the four-story building occupied by J. I. T. Case, machinery, on Marietta street, destroyed that building and threatened the Orpheum theatre and adjoining structures.

There was no performance at the Orpheum tonight.

The fire is still beyond the control of the department.

Associated Press Story.

NATLANTA[sic], Ga., July 13.---A fire which tonight threatened to destroy the Orpheum Theatre and the four-story building occupied by the machinery firm of J. I. T. Cass, was gotten under control after the building occupied by the Atlanta Box Company, a dwelling house and a number of freight cars were destroyed.

Shortly after the fire broke out a heavy rain storm came up, bringing a shift of the wind and materially aided the fire department in subduing the blaze.

Adjoining buildings were damaged by smoke and water. The loss will not exceed $50,000.

The Macon Daily Telegraph, Macon, GA 14 Jul 1908


Night Watchman Perished.

ATLANTA, Ga., July 13.---Night Watchman William M. Morris, of the box company, has not been seen since the fire, and it is feared that he was burned to death.

The Macon Daily Telegraph, Macon, GA 14 Jul 1908