Fayetteville, GA Tornado Hits Town, Jan 1892


The Town of Fayetteville Visited by a Destructive Wind Storm.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga., Jan. 8 -- This town was visited by a terrible cyclone during the night. Three people were killed, a number of others injured and the little town was almost swept out of existence. It was early in the evening when the cyclone swooped down upon the town. A path three hundred yards wide was swept through the town and for three miles east of it the devastation continued. The dead so far reported are: WILL TRAVIS, a farmer, 80 years old; SALLIE GRAHAM, 10 years old, and a negro child not yet identified. TRAVIS was in his home and hearing the noise went to the door to see what caused it. Just then the cyclone struck the house. TRAVIS'S body was not found until morning. He had been carried about two hundred yards and almost every bone in his body was broken. The list of injred will probably reach twenty-five, some of whom will die. Many others are only slightly hurt. The value of the buildings demolished is probably $30,000, with scarcely any insurance.

Waterloo Daily Courier Iowa 1892-01-08