Junction City, GA Converted Plane Crash, July 1948


Junction City, Ga., July 16 -- (INS) -- The Civil Aeronautics authority is investigating tonight the crash of a converted BT-13 plane near Junction City that claimed the lives of six persons.
A state highway patrol report said the dead were:
LONNIE TAYLOR, JR., Greenfield, Tenn.
LOUISE TAYLOR, his wife.
TOMMIE TAYLOR, their 22-year-old son.
PATRICIA TAYLOR, their 10-month old daughter.
MRS. DEWEY PARADISE, of Americus, Ga., MRS. TAYLOR'S sister.
BOBBY RATLIFF, Plains, Ga., 13-year-old brother of MRS. PARADISE and MRS. TAYLOR.
The highway patrol said TAYLOR'S father in Greenfield had said that all six left Tennessee aboard the plane bound for Augusta by way of Americus. TAYLOR was the pilot.

Morning Avalanche Lubbock Texas 1948-07-17