LaGrange, GA Army Bomber Crashes, Nov 1938


LaGrange, Ga., Nov. 19. -- (AP) -- Five army fliers were killed, two severely injured and one other was unaccounted for today after an army plane crashed and burned in an isolated wooded area about seven miles northwest of here.
The big bomber ploughed through a path for about 150 yards through a stand of large pine trees.
The bodies were so torn and charred only two of the dead besides NANARTOWICH were immediately identified.
The two known survivors were identified at the hospital here as Second Lieutenant JOHN D. MADRE, of Memphis, Tenn.and Private JOSEPH J. NANARTOWICH Highland Falls, N.Y.
both attached to Mitchell Field. NANARTOWICH was described as in a critical condition. MADRE was given a chance to recover.
Officers at Maxwell Field, Ala., said six others aboard the plane were:
Second Lieutenant ROBERT KIRKLAND BLACK, mother, Mrs. R. Black, of Meridian, Ga.
Second Lieutenant ROBERT ROSS McKECHNIE, of the air reserve, son of Mrs. Elizabeth McKechnie, of Cleveland, O.
Second Lieutenant ALLEN M. HOWERY, son of Lewis B. Howery, of Russellville, Tenn.
Sergeant HARRY T. JONES, of Hempsted, L.I.
First Lieutenant JAMES W. STEWART of the army medical corps, assigned to Randolph field, Tex., son of Mrs. A. L. Stewart of East Orange, N.J.
Corporal GALLOWAY, assigned to the third weather squadron at Dallas, Texas. (Initials not available but a Corporal JERRY E. GALLOWAY was reported on furlough from the squadron. The latter is the son of J. C. Galloway of Sulphur Springs, Tex.
Mitchel Field officials said the army bomber was on a routiine flight to Montgomery, Ala.
The plane crashed during a heavy rainstorm.
A negro heard the crash and saw the flames when the ship caught fire. He came to LaGrange for help, but it was several hours before rescuers could make their way to the scene because of the condition of the roads.

Freeport Journal-Standard Illinois 1938-11-19