Gray, GA Tornado, Dec 1964


Gray, Ga. (AP) -- A capricious post-Christmas storm swept across part of the southeast Saturday
causing heavy rain, tornadoes and death.
Gov. Carl Sanders of Georgia ordered a survey of the Gray, Milledgeville and Macon area to determine the extent of damage and to determine what emergency measures may be necessary.
The worst tragedy occurred south of Gray, Ga., where two persons were killed and six were injured when a tornado ripped through four house trailers at a trailer camp. Killed were JAMES H. PITTMAN,
45, and BILL EDWARDS, 43.
The tornado damaged only a small area near Gray, Sheriff Holmes Hawkins of Jones County said. The roof of a building near the house trailers was blown away.
High wind cut a swath of damage seven blocks long and three blocks wide through Milledgeville. Police Chief Eugene Ellis said five persons were hurt, none seriously. The wind demolished one building and blew the roof from another.
The Macon area had another worry -- flooding.
Three Central of Georgia trainmen were injured when several freight cars left rain-weakened tracks and overturned near Eatonton, Putnam County, Sheriff John R. Walton reported.

Gastonia Gazette North Carolina 1964-12-27