Augusta, GA Bomber Crash, Nov 1941


Augusta, Ga., Nov. 6. (AP) -- Four army fliers in a plane of the 37th bombardment squadron were killed when their ship crashed and burned at an army airfield today.
The dead:
First Lieutenant JACK H. BUTLER, 24, of Spokane, Wash., pilot.
Second Lieutenant HAROLD E. JESPON, 25, of Salem, Ore., co-pilot.
Staff Sergeant HAROLD E. BROWN, 34, of Downsville, Wis., engineer.
Private EARL L. WILBURN, 19, of Walsenburg, Colo.
Major William C. Mills, commanding officer of the field, said the bomber was in a flight of six taking off on a routine training mission. At a height of about 300 feet, he continued, the ship fell and burst into flames. The bodies were badly burned.

Kokomo Tribune Indiana 1941-11-06