Macon, GA Motorcycle Accident Kills Duane Allman, Oct 1971

Duane Allman, photo from Wikipedia.com Grave of Duane Allman and Berry Oakley, photo from Wikipedia.com

Cycle Crash Kills Allman

MACON, Ga. (UPI) - Guitarist DUANE ALLMAN, leader of the ALLMAN Brothers Rock Band and once an accompanist for Aretha Franklin, was killed Friday night when he lost control of his speeding motorcycle.

The bearded 24-year-old musician was pronounced two and one-half hours after he was admitted to a Macon Hospital with severe head and chest injuries.

It was first reported ALLMAN'S cycle had struck a truck but a police investigation showed there was no evidence of collision, although the cycle had skidded along the pavement a distance of 90 feet.

The Modesto Bee And News-Herald California 1971-10-31


Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident .... On October 29, 1971, in the western part of Macon, Georgia, during a band break from touring and recording, Allman was riding his motorcycle at a high speed at the intersection of Hillcrest Avenue and Bartlett Street as a flatbed truck carrying a lumber crane approached. The flatbed truck stopped suddenly in the intersection, forcing Allman to swerve his Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle sharply to the left to avoid a collision. As he was doing so, he struck either the back of the truck or the ball on the lumber crane and was immediately thrown from the motorcycle. The motorcycle bounced into the air, landed on Allman and skidded another 90 feet with Allman pinned underneath, crushing his internal organs. Though he was alive when he arrived at the hospital, despite immediate emergency surgery, he died several hours later from massive internal injuries.