Atlanta, GA Piano Company Fire, Nov 1936

Atlanta GA cable piano co fire 11-19-1936 2.jpg Atlanta GA cable piano co fire 11-19-1936.jpg


Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 20. -- At least three persons were killed, a dozen injured, and $200,000 property damage was caused yesterday by a fire that raged through the five story Cable Piano Company building in the heart of Atlanta's downtown business section.

Flames swept quickly up through an elevator shaft to all floors of the structure following an explosion of undetermined origin in the basement. Firemen finally brought them under control after a terrific struggle.

Firemen wearing gas masks to combat dense smoke brought the bodies of a man and two women from the fifth floor, which was occupied by the Atlanta Conservatory of Music.

The man was said to be TERRY EVANS, 23. The women were not immediately identified. Firemen searching through the dense smoke for trapped survivors reported the body of EVANS on the top floor but were unable to bring it out until they were equipped with gas masks.

It was feared other victims might have been trapped in the building, the flames having shot up and cut off the escape of occupants before they were hardly aware the building was on fire.
Several spectacular rescues were made. One woman clung to a window ledge on the fourth floor for several minutes until firemen maneuvered a ladder to bring her down.

HAZEL WOOD, a music teacher, who jumped from her studio on an upper floor to the roof of an adjoining building, suffered a leg fracture. The others injured were less seriously hurt.

Hammond Times Indiana 1936-11-20