Brunswick, GA Hurricane Strikes, Oct 1898

Brunswick GA hurricand 10-2-1898.jpg Brunswick GA hurricand 10-2-1898 2.jpg Brunswick GA Hurricand 1898 october.jpg

The steamers City of Macon, City of Augusta, and Kansas City, from New York, and the Essex from Baltimore, arrived today, and all felt the force of the storm to some extent. The City of Macon was in the height of it. The wind reached a velocity of nearly 100 miles an hour, but the ship weathered it and sustained little damage. The four schooners, Synara, Mileville, Fanny Childs, and Franklin, which were driven into the marshes at Quarantine, will be floated after the removal of their cargoes.
At Tybee there was less damage than was feared. The fortifications were piled with sand, which was several feet deep around the guns, but the flood did not reach them. On the islands near the city the crops have been entirely swept away, and much live stock has been lost, but there were no fatalities.

New York Times New York 1898-10-04