Milledgeville, GA Camp Creek Train Wreck, Jan 1889

The Camp Creek Wreck.

Cars Wrecked And Passengers Injured.

The Rails and the Train Rushes Down Into Disaster-The Number of Casualties Noted.

Milledgeville, Ga., January 30.-[Special.]-The Central railroad train due here at 2:20 this afternoon, happened to an accident about five miles below this city, in which several cars were badly wrecked and several people severely injured. The train was a combination of freight and passenger cars, and was made up of six freight cars, a mail and express, baggage and smoking car, and a first-class passenger coach.

The Trestle Gives Way.

The train had left the Stevens Pottery and was speeding with the wind toward this city. When near the trestle over camp creek the tracks spread, and three of the freight cars, together with the mail, baggage and passenger coaches, were precipitated down the embankment, the baggage car falling in the creek and the other cars thrown into a confused mass.

Work was begun at once in rescuing the passengers.

List Of The Injured.

It was found that the mail agent, Mr. Adams, was bruised up considerably and his head badly cut.
Express Messenger Reese Caraker was bruised up badly.
O.E. Pace, a traveling salesman for W.T. Conn & Co., of this city, was badly hurt but not thought dangerous.
Baggagemaster Jack Sharp, foot smashed.
Mrs. T.L. Avant, bruised up, but not serious.

Brought To The City.

The passengers were brought to this city, where medical attention was given the wounded. The scene of the wreck is described as pitiful, indeed. It is a miracle that the entire crew was not killed.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 31 Jan 1889