Buena Vista and Marion County, GA Storm, Jun 1892

Buena Vista and Marion County, GA Storm, Jun 1892

A Cloud Burst

Does Serious Damage To Property In Marion County.

Parties who reached the city yesterday from Buena Vista report great damage to property in that town andMarion County.
About noon dark clouds were seen approaching from different directions. They met directly over Buena Vista and the town was soon deluged with water.

A portion of the three foot brick wall around the court house was washed down and the brick scattered in every direction. Store floors were soon covered with water, which flowed all over everything.

In the country the lands were overflowed and badly washed. Crops were seriously damaged. In many places the crops were completely submerged.

It is claimed that the cloud burst was the greatest calamity that has befallen Marion county in many years.

Columbus Daily Enquirer, Columbus, GA 23 Jun 1892