Plainfield, GA Coal Train Wreck, Sept 1892

Wrecked At Plainfield.

Caused By The Breaking Of An Axle On A Coal Train.

Plainfield, September 8.-The breaking of an axle on a loaded coal train, between Bound Brook and Dunellen, late yesterday afternoon, caused a disastrous wreck. Thirty cars were smashed into kindling wood and 200 tons of coal were scattered over the tracks, delaying travel for several hours.

Just as the accident happened a passenger train, loaded with excursionists to a Somerville ball game, was passing. The engineer saw the coal cars leaving the track, and, pulling the throttle wide open, cleared his train of the wreck, narrowly escaping an accident. A tramp who was stealing a ride lost a leg.

Columbus Daily Enquirer, Columbus, GA 9 Sept 1892