Atlanta, GA Kimball House Hotel Fire, Aug 1883 - A Hotel Burned


The Kimball House at Atlanta in Ashes---Escape of all the Guests.

ATLANTA, GA., August 12.----The Kimball House was discovered on fire this morning at 8 o'clock, and soon the flames getting beyond control. Mr. Scoville, the proprietor, ordered the guest to be awakened. Guards went through the hallways breaking open doors where necessary to insure the safety of the guests. The fire having originated in the rear of the building was favorable to the escape of all. Within twenty minutes the hotel was emptied of its guests and within one hour the structure was razed to the ground.

The hotel was built by H. J. Kimball and owned by Robert Toombs, John Rice, Joseph P. Thompson and others. It cost $800,000, and the furniture was valued at $126,000, insurance only $80,000, scattered among many companies, the names of which cannot be ascertained owing to the absence from the city of the parties who are informed thereon.

The Gate City National Bank; Harrison & Bros, tobacconists; John B. Daniel, drugs, and others are among the losers. The total loss is a million dollars and the insurance is not over $200,000. The fire is claimed by Mr. Culberson, agent of the company, to be if incendiary origin. In the vaults of the Gate City Bank were half a million dollars, and its safety is yet a matter of doubt.

Charlie Slider and Phil Green, two of the Constitutions' boys, who are connected with the mailing department saw the fire as soon as it broke cut, and rushing into the building ran along the corridors, waking up the sleeping guests. Theses boys express the opinion that when the debris is removed it will be found that some persons perished in the flames.

Among the strangers in the hotel were Lewis Miller, of Baltimore; Sol Haas, Richmond; H. Herngood, Baltimore; W.H. Emerson, New York; R. R. Foster, Charleston; J. Crossman, G. P. Hornee, J. W. Horner, W. R. Gray and George Davenport, Baltimore; S. Adams, Savannah; A. M. Odger and C. Medd, Charleston; J. H. Browning, New York, T. A. Randle and B. Grantz, Jr., St. Louis; E. F. Dell and Isaac Moffett, Philadelphia; James T. Thayer, Cincinnati; D. B. Morgan, Savannah; Henry Maccari, Brooklyn, N. Y.; O. Mayer, Cincinnati; W. H. Cockey, New York; John B. Bland, Virginia; E. H. Deveney, Philadelphia and F. J. Semple, St. Louis.

The Sun, Baltimore, MD 13 Aug 1883