Griffin, GA Tornado, Apr 2011

Tornado Damage The following Morning Tornado Damage The following Morning Forklift the next morning after the tornado hit Tornado track, Between 1 and 3 days after the tornado

On April 27th, 2011, A severe F3 tornado hit Griffin Georgia at 4:30 AM in the morning, The tornado was thought to have come from Barnesville, Georgia. 12 other cities were also devastated by tornadoes, This was all mainly due to a severe tornado outbreak going around the USA.
6 persons were reported dead
14 injured.
The tornado made a direct path through Sidney Rd, Destroying over 6 houses there, All of them were 2 - 3 stories high. This tornado did incredible damage to trees also. The tornado then took a direct hit into a 4 story Fork Lift on Atlanta Rd highway in Griffin Georgia. Completely destroying the first 2 stories, And tearing off the roof, Mobile homes for sale were right beside the Forklift building, Tossed around like toys. One of them was found on the top of the Fork Lift. Nobody in that area was injured or killed.
Over 3 gas stations nearby were completely gone, One of them was found tossed 2 miles away buried in its own debris.
No actual photos of the tornado were taken, But Loads of photos were taken of the aftermath, Including the Forklift, The damage was over $35,000.
The tornado was much alike the 1908 cyclone that hit Griffin Georgia also.

The Tornado was examined the next morning.