Griffin Georgia Snow Blizzard 1993

Griffin Georgia Snow Blizzard

In December of 1993, Snow blizzards were reported all around Georgia, Griffin Georgia was layered with up to 3 feet of snow. 5 - 6 feet at the MAX.
An Ice storm was reported in Griffin Georgia, Large enough to close down all schools and 75% of the cities stores and businesses. In between 5 and 12 houses reported being snowed in.
The temperature dropped down in 2 degrees, Then 2 degrees below 0.
Branches fell onto houses.
No deaths were reported.



Snowfall of 1973? covered middle & west GA, including Columbus which registered 13" of snow. The 60 mile wide band shut down I-75 an dlocal routes. Snowbirds who scoffed at repeated warnings from radio, tv and Georgia State Patrol lol "I can drive in any old snowstorm down here." ended up spending night in churches, schools & national guard armories. Temperature warmed rapidly the next day.