Atlanta, GA Mion Building Fire, Oct 1915



Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 16. - Two women are dead, one other probably fatally injured and four other persons more or less seriously injured as the result of a fire which destroyed the offices of the Mutual Film Corporation on the second floor of the Mion Building here today. A number of other persons suffered minor injuries when they jumped from windows to the street.
The dead are:
MISS CLARA WESTBROOK, body found in film room.
MISS LOTTIE HAM, died at City Hospital.
The injured:
MISS LUCILE DAVIS, probably fatally burned.
MISS BEULAH YOST, burned about face and hands, injured in jumping.
H. MATTHEWS, broken leg.
J. E. CARLISLE, fireman, burned about face and hands.
G. B. ADAMS, burned about face and hands, bruised in jumping.

The Third Victim.
(Atlanta Constitution, 18th.)
A third death was added to the Mutual Film disaster list yesterday morning at 8:30 o'clock when MISS LUCILE DAVIS, one of the girls trapped in the second story supply room, died at Grady Hospital, to which she had been carried in an unconscious condition.
MISS DAVIS was dragged to fresh air by Fireman John Abbott, one of the first to reach the supply room when the fire department arrived upon the scene. She was lying upon a work bench at the window opening on an alley in the rear of the building. Evidently she had attempted to jump, when her dress caught in a workman's vise near the window.
The two other girls, MISS WESTBROOK and MISS HAM, found in the same room with her, were either dead or dying. MISS WESTBROOK, stenographer, was dragged from the building dead, while MISS LOTTIE HAM, in a dying condition, was carried down the ladder and a vain attempt made to resuscitate her.

MISS YOST Recovering.
MISS BEULAH YOST, one of the most seriously injured, is fast recovering at Grady Hospital. Physicians say that there is little doubt of her recovery. She had jumped from the second story window, sustaining a broken leg in the leap.
The police have satisfied themselves, that the fire was unavoidable. Although nothing can be obtained showing the origin of the blaze, it is generally accepted that it originated from a spark from the electric renovator used on the first floor, on which the films are stored.

Keowee Courier Pickens Court House South Carolina 1915-10-20