Powder Springs, Carrollton and Millner, GA Lightning Strikes, June 1897


Mayor's Daughter and Several Men Among the Victims

Lightning played havoc with lives and property in Georgia. The daughter of the Mayor of Powder Springs, a popular summer resort, MISS HATTIE SCOTT, was killed by a bolt, and at the same place a powerful thrashing machine was torn to pieces by the fluid, its operators dangerously injured, and the draught oxen killed.

At Carrollton, the centre of the stock raising industry in Georgia, JAMES DOWNS, JR., and SAMUEL CONNIE, both white, were killed by lightning, the bolt tearing their clothes and discoloring their features.

At Milner in the northern portion of the state, a bolt struck MR. J.A. FARLEY's farm and killed SAMUEL LAWRENCE, a colored farmhand, badly burned another man and injured Mr. FARLEY's son.

The County Record
July 1, 1897
page 6