Bainbridge, GA Boating Accident Kills Six, Dec 1959


Bainbridge, Ga. (UPI) - Navy frogmen probed the swirling waters of the Flint River today for the bodies of four victims of a boating accident that claimed six lives.
Rescuers recovered bodies of two children before darkness forced suspension of the search Sunday night.
A drag-line force of 12 boats found the two small bodies some five hours after an overloaded motor-boat capsized, spilling its seven occupants into the water.
Swallowed by the swift current were CURTIS SPRUIELL, 30; his four children, MILDRED,9; DIANE, 7; FAY, 4; and JIMMY, 3; and JERRY PEARSON, 13. Mrs. Jim Pearson, mother of Jerry, clung to the overturned boat until help arrived.
"My Jerry kept yelling 'mama, hold on, mama, hold on to the boat'", she later sobbed to rescuers.

Eureka Humboldt Standard California 1959-12-14