Rome, GA Auto Accident, Mar 1913


Mrs. Carlton Wright Meets Almost Instant Death When Motor Party Is Hurled Into Road.


Mrs. Julian Cummings, Mrs. Sam Powers and Miss Lucy Goetchius and Miss Gussie Ross Are Injured.

Rome, Ga., March 21.---(Special)---Mrs. Carlton Wright was killed, Mrs. Sam Powers seriously injured and Mrs. Julien Cummings, Miss Lucy Goetchius and Miss Gussie Ross painfully bruised and cut when their touring car turned turtle on the Spring Creek road, about a mile from the city limits, this afternoon at 5 o'clock.

The car was being driven rapidly down grade and, at the base of a long hill at a sharp curve, the chauffeur E. Rogers, a negro tried to pass two wagons loaded with fertilizer. The automobile plunged over a 20-foot hill turned turtle twice and righted itself facing the opposite direction.

Mrs. Wright Crushed Under Car.

The passengers were thrown free except Mrs. Wright. She was mangled beyond recognition and not until a passing automobile had gathered the wounded and rushed them to the hospital, was it known who was the dead member of the party.

All of the occupants of the machine were dazed and could hardly give a coherent account of the accident.

News of the accident spread rapidly and thirty minutes afterwards, Third avenue and East Third street were jammed with people. On account of the hundreds of rumors afloat as to the dead and injured relatives of those in the party were panic-stricken.

Husband Thinks Wife Killed.

Hearing of the accident, Mr. Julien Cummings was carried to the scene in another car and met the injured being carried to the hospital. He jumped on the running board and held Mrs. Wright's lifeless body in his arms thinking that it was Mrs. Cummings who had been killed but who was being brought to the hospital in a second car with Miss Ross.

Mrs. Powers who was the worst hurt of the survivors, has a crushed left shoulder two or three deep gashes in the face and two broken fingers.

Broken Ribs and Bruises.

Miss Goetchius has a broken rib and bruises.

Mrs. Cummings was cut severely on the face and neck and painfully bruised on the shoulder while Miss Ross was cut in the chin twice by flying glass.

All of the ladies hurt are prominent socially and well known throughout the state. They had been riding for two hours or more and were returning to the city. The car which is a complete wreck belongs to E. Featherstone.

Mrs. Cummings catuioned the negro as he went down the hill to slacken his speed, but the warning did not come soon enough.

No Arrests Made.

The negro driver has not been arrested. He was not hurt but is said to be in a bad condition from fright.

Arrangements for the funeral of Mrs. Wright have not been mad. Her husband is a brother of Seaborn Wright the prohibition leader and of Judge Moses Wright, of the Rome circuit. Mrs. Wright was an Atlanta woman formerly Miss Gertrude Moore, daughter of the late B. F. Moore, of that city.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 22 Mar 1913