Fayetteville, GA Depot Fire, Feb 1902

Southern Depot Is Burned

Fayetteville Station and Thirty Bales of Cotton Destroyed.

Fayetteville, GA. February 9 – (Special)
The depot of the Southern railway here, together with its contents of freight and thirty bales of cotton that were on the platform, were totally destroyed by fire this afternoon. All records in the depot office were saved.

Several negros were smoking on the platform and from this source the fire is believed to have originated. Three of the negros are now under arrest.

The depot was the finest and handsomest on the line of the road between Atlanta and Columbus. It was build less than a year ago to take the place of the old one destroyed by fire at that time.

The loss is estimated at about $5,000 which is said to be fully covered by insurance.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 10 Feb 1902