Griffin, GA Flood, Feb 1900


Have Arrived at Griffin Over the Southern Railway.

Griffin, Ga., February 13.--(Special)--The rainfall for yesterday, as is shown by the record at Experiment Station, was 3.39, and for awhile it was one of the hardest that we have had for some time.

Our section has not suffered as much as some others, but what it did catch was a plenty. There have been no trains over the Southern from either Atlanta or Columbus for two days on account of washouts and cave-ins on the road. It is probable that they will be able to get through tomorrow.

The trestle on the railroad spur just at the Rushton mills was washed away last night as he result of the breaking of the Lyndon lake dam, but no injury was done to the mills, which is just below it.

The dam at Tom Moore’s about four miles from the city, was washed away and the lands below it badly washed.

The bridge over Head’s creek, just a mile this side of Vaughn’ station, has been washed completely away and those coming in from Fayette and Union district have to come in by Miss Lizzie Miles’ place.

The trestle over Westmoreland’s creek, which was the dependence of the school children living on the other side in Union district, for getting to school at McIntosh church, has been carried away.

The dam at Yarbrough’s mill, out near Williamson, is reported washed away and that the bottom lands below it are under water.

Cabin creek is said to be up to the sills on the bridge on the Griffin and Jackson road, while from every section comes tales of washouts and damages that can not be mentioned just now.

Over Flint river both Reeves’ and Pyron’s bridges have been washed away, and Champion’s bridge, over Head’s creek, is gone also.

The trestle on the South Georgia and Northern Alabama railroad over Turkey creek, near Newman, succumbed to the flood, and Captain Littleton’s train has only been running that far today, making two trips and transferring passengers.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 14 Feb 1900