Cherokee, GA Storm, Mar 1902

A dwelling owned by J. F. Marshall at Cherokee was blown off its foundation and is a total wreck. Dr. J. E. Clarke’s office was moved several feet and part of the roof is gone. S. J. Little’s fences and outhouses were blown to pieces. The roof was blown off one side of a two-story frame storehouse belonging to J. Gaisser & Co., and the stock of goods damaged by rain. The residence of Mr. Gaisser was totally demolished..

A cedar tree about twelve inches in diameter, which stood within two feet of a feed parehouse, was twisted off about five feet above the ground and blown through the house, landing on the opposite side of the street.

The North Alabama railway depot was blown off its foundation which was about five feet high, tearing the freight room to pieces.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 31 Mar 1902